Callie "Calico" Tealeaf

Nosy young halfling girl who wants to know everything. EVERYTHING.


Calico is a round little halfling girl, not fully grown. She has an endless curiosity which sometimes annoys the people around her: asking questions about everyone and everything is her second nature.
Her hair is reddish and fluffy, her clothes worn and ragged. She dearly loves her pet mouse, who carries the name Trinket.


Callie is a sorcerer! Or at least, she likes to think of herself that way. She’s got the magic, but it doesn’t always obey her. That is why she is slightly clumsy, and one of her goals in life is to master this magic.
Where she got it from she doesn’t know: it might have something to do with the weird mushroom circle in the Woods where she strayed a few years ago, or just stupidity, or luck. Anyway, she’s got it now and finds it mighty interesting.

After years of roaming the streets of Westwend and earning her nickname Calico (by sleeping on the weirdest spots; rooftops, chimneys, pedestals, horse butts, etcetera) she thinks she’s ready for the next step – explore the outside world!

Callie "Calico" Tealeaf

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