Fal Enahn

A Human ranger, the former hunter for the village of Greenhill to the east.


Short Brown hair, a short beard and green eyes that match the forest he often roams in. Tends to wear clothing that matches his environment in an effort to blend in.


While it is now said that Westwend is the end of civilization before the lost reaches, this wasn’t always the case. A small forest settlement by the name of Greenhill laid in the wilderness to the east. Formed by a band of foresters, wood elves and half-orcs in an effort to live closer to nature as their ancestors did. Fal Enahn was the chief ranger of Greenhill for the last few years when Greenhill was raided by humanoid bandits. Fal and his ranging companions fought bravely but were cut down in the end, Fal was left for dead as his village lay burning. After surviving in the wild for half a year, healing his wounds slowly, he was finally strong enough to make the trek to Westwend. For the past year he has been living there, helping travelers and adventurers alike with getting through the wilderness safely.

Fal Enahn

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