Nada Niente Nenio


Nada is small and not very intimidating. She has dark curls which never do what she wants them to do and big, dark eyes. Her features make her easy to love, and she is very good at making friends.

She wears a short dress over some pants with many pockets; her dress is exuberantly embroided in many colors. In her hair are some lost feathers and she wears no shoes: only wrappings, because she couldn’t find a shoemaker to make her new boots after the old ones ‘died’.


Nada was 24 when she left home to explore the world. She loves books, and the reason to go exploring was exactly that: all of the books in her Gnomish hometown she’d finished, and she thought she was ready to see the world outside of these books and her imagination.

She liked every bit of it: the scent of rain on the trees, the rustling of the trees, the new sounds and animals she spotted, and the people she met. She was like a sponge; everything they had to tell her, she would note it down or memorize it in some other way. All went well.

On a sunny morning, Nada met a young scholar. He was very interesting to her: he had multiple books in his bag, none of them she’d seen before and some of them in foreign or unknown languages. She was very curious and talked to him: it seemed like he came from some sort of school. Nada’s mind went crazy: school! That’s something she had in her hometown too, and there were lots of books there! She cherished those memories, and with that in mind she asked the man if she could join him on his travel to this school. He agreed, as she was a nice happy travel companion.

Nada really liked the school. There were dorms, and most of the creatures there were about her age; not children anymore, but always ready to have some fun. She made lots of new friends.

Until, on a rainy night, something scary happened. Nada was playing a game with her classmates, when suddenly all went dark. A voice in her head, speaking to her in a language she didn’t know but understood: “You shall be one of my minions, little ignorant thing. How nice of you to call me…”

The next morning she woke up to the school principal, telling her to leave. So she did, and tried to figure out what happened.

Nada Niente Nenio

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