Nidhwen Melithannith

Curious half-elf, mingling with things she shouldn't.


Nidhwen has slightly pointed ears, but her face and body are a bit too rounded to be mistaken for a real elf. Thick dark hair flows over her shoulders and face, from where two dark eyes gleam bright into the world.


Nidhwen is a child of an elven father and a human mother. Her father seduced her mother for just one night, never to return.
Then Nidhwen was born. Her mother loved her, but couldn’t bear to look at her child’s face reflecting the most beautiful man she ever laid with.
Her mother had truely loved the elvenman, but she could never be with him again. She started to wither, fade away.
The maid, who helped Nidhwens mother do the chores, saw the baby losing a bit of weight and decided to give the child to merchants, who would travel through a forest where was said elves lived. Nidwhen was left in the forest, where she was indeed found by the beautiful people.

She grew up being a cheerful kid and later a young woman. Being half human she never really felt at home. She didn’t have enough patience to meditate as elves liked to do or specialize in some sort of art, and started roaming the woods around her.
She’s curious about every new noise, smell and path, and now she has found out that there’s adventure just around the corner.

Nidhwen Melithannith

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