A Sister of Intellect, here to catalogue the Lost Reaches


A pristine silver-scaled skin reflects sun- and moonlight ever so slightly. There is an always present smile on Reynne´s maw, and a knowing twinkle in her eye. She is an impressive appearance and commands attention when she enters a room. She and her Sisters are all clad in similar outfits. Fine light grey dresses lined with gold, covered by a sturdy yet elegant long white coat. The white coat has a high collar and is accentuated with black lines and segments, finished off with more gold.


Reynne is a member of a freshly started research group called the Sisters of Intellect. An offshoot of a clergy, the Sisters pursue knowledge more than peity. Having heard of the newly discovered Lost Reaches and the large body of history presumed to be there, the Sisters moved to Westwend to make the town their base of operations. Reynne is accompanied by her Sister friends, the gnome Dormie and the human Felicia.


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