Roderick Eclassi

An Inquisitive Agent looking for his querry


Dark hair and a light tan on his skin, Roderick seems to come from a mediterranean region. Scars make has face more menacing than you assume it has been in younger years. His face has rugged features, but his body shows more hints of skill than brute strength.


Roderick Eclassi, officer of House Chevalier, has come to Westwend with a mission. He was charged with finding the assasin who attempted to murder Lady Chevalier, and he has reason to believe she hides amongst the adventurers of Westwend. It doesn´t help that she is assumed to be a shapechanger. Roderick, fueled with ambition and a knack for organisation, sets out to scour the Lost Reaches in search of the lady that wears many faces.

Roderick Eclassi

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