Ulbrân Thiadrikssoahn

Dwarfen fighter with the weight of the world on his shoulders.


At age 70, Ulbrân is still fairly young. He has long brown hair and a beard to match! His face bears the marks of many a battle with his mercenary company, and he wears them with pride. Though his face has a permanent touch of sadness, you can still faintly see some crowsfeet as evidence of a once happy life.


Ulbrân had a rough childhood, and got into more than his share of fights as a young dwarf. This led to him acting out and running away from his dwarf clan at a young age, missing out on the simple life of an armor or weapon-smith many of his clan choose. Although his father, a blacksmith had learned him his trade, he did not feel like he belonged next to the bellowing fire. As a troubled young dwarf at age 70, he wandered for some time before running into a small mercenary group. He found that he actually had some useful skills when it came to fighting, as he was strong, even for a dwarf, and he fit right in with the mercenary group. In this group he learned a skill uncommon among dwarves from his human comrades- he learned to swim. After campaining for a while, Ulbrân had earned a short leave and returned to his mountain home. after his stay, he was called to arms once again, only to see his band of comrades slaughtered by a large force of goblins led by a mysterious figure. the remaining numbers of the mercenary band scattered in every possible direction, shocked and traumatized. after this, Ulbrân made his way back home, but what he saw there changed his life, changed him… The cheerfull dwarfen lad was no more, and was replaced by this angry, dissapointed shadow of the dwarf he once was.

Ulbrân Thiadrikssoahn

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