The Spider Tower

We begin in the humble troubadour. With the intended goal of exploring the
Goblin Woods south of town, oncemore. 

With me are Dhuno, Fal, Ulbrân, Salmon and a new addition, her name is Nada.
A small gnome, with a peculiar, yet upbeat, attitude. 

Fal prepared some Goodberries for all of us to use in case of emergency.
He gave me two. We set out at daybreak, onward oncemore. The directly surrounding
countryside becoming more and more familiar of me.

After a few hours, we spot something. The cry of a wolf pierces the air, in a small valley,
there are two wolves standing off against some…floating orbs. According to the wizard,
those are pixies? What are those doing here? They are harassing the wolves? Why? 

Salmon fell asleep due to a sleep spell from the pixies. Fal decided to let loose an arrow
to take care of them. Dhuno fell the second. The wolves were deemed a danger to the
village and were dispatched. The bear ate the two pixies' remains. It was extremely distasteful.
Fal went on about it being the circle of life. I get that, but these are no mere beasts, they
exhibit intelligence. It turned out to be a civil disagreement. 

At high sun, we come across a ruined tower structure. We choose to investigate it for a bit.
It is what we're here for after all. 


The spiders were also poisonous. I managed to shake it off, but nada took the worst of it.
After some panicking we disposed of them. Nada is still paralysed.  Beast shaping is a thrill.
I never knew it would feel so…so envigourating.

We did decide to head back to westwend after all this. I carried Nada on my back as long
as my beastshape lasted,  which I could maintain for about an hour. 

So far, we always end up exploring anything BUT those dreaded woods. 
It's uncanny.

The Spider Tower

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