History of the Lost Reaches

The Lost Reaches

East of the Commonwealth lies a vast expanse of uncharted lands known as the Lost Reaches. Many centuries ago, this area served as the heart of the nobility of the Voudrohka Empire. These days it lies in ruins taken over by nature and darkness. Rumors abound of forgotten treasures and lost secrets scattered over the Reaches.


As the easternmost town of the Commonwealth, Westwend is the last place of civilization you'll find out in the Lost Reaches. From here, expeditions are mounted to discover what lies in the wilderness around the town. Westwend is mostly self sustaining, the people living off what they can catch in the river or harvest from what little farmland they have. The town has a rather dull history as nothing of important has every happened here; not even as much as a fire.

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is an organization of several (city) states on the western part of the continent. Together they have made a place for themselves in the world, putting down a firm beacon of light in the darkness of the world. Its people – which consists of virtually all races – are united by their common goals of prosperity and mutual care. With the quality of life for most people increasing, society is unearthing its roots in the ancient Voudrohka Empire; an empire that existed nearly a thousand years ago and spanned the entire continent. The Commonwealth is chartering expeditions into the Lost Reaches, to uncover more about this ancient empire and to hopefully one day make contact with the other descendants that according to legend are still alive on the other side of the vast Reaches.

History of the Lost Reaches

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