Job Board and Rumors

Street Talk

The following rumors are known to any citizen and adventurer in the town of Westwend.

  • Westwend is rumored to have once had a sister town. While it's name is forgotten, locals affectionately refer to it as "Eastwend." Nobody knows if it still exists or even where it would be located, but common knowledge is that it lies east and can't be further than a week's travel. And old map recently found in the basement of The Humble Troubadour marks it as "about a days's march north of the spiraling watchtower."
  • A man walked into town looking beat up and exhausted. He escaped from a cult hiding in a cave in the woods south of Westwend. There were others with him, but he had to leave them behind (a session can be scheduled to investigate the man, or to escape from the cult.)

Job Board

The following jobs are posted on the job board of The Humble Troubadour, Westwend's only inn. Some of these jobs are offered by residents of Westwend, but most of them are rumors or undiscovered secrets left by other adventurer's. Some even come with rewards!

  • A noble knight has fallen several days ago about 2-3 days worth of travel South-East of Westwend. His squire seeks to avenge his death, and is seeking anyone willing to aid him. The reward includes all of the loot that may be gathered from any possible attackers: those who join the squire may have it all to themselves as he has no interest for it. He only wishes to retrieve his master's weapons, armour, and, most importantly, heraldry.
  • An old faded note lies on the floor in front of the job board, it reads: "Greenhill attacked by bandits half a year ago, any survivors please find me. -Fal Enahn"
  • Paladin seeks to uncover lost temples to Melora. Come prepared for a few days expedition. Ask for Saber. 
  • Some adventurers have gone missing in the Massacre at the grove. A Dragonborne Cleric, human Paladin and a human soldier have disappeared. Only a human doctor, Daniel Russmont, MD, has survived. 
  • During a scouting mission some points of interest were found. A short distance, east from the goblin woods, is a shallow lake with small island. On this island was found a subterreanean ice cave, and a ruined tower.

Job Board and Rumors

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