Cedric Ral

A squire, seeking to avenge his fallen master.


Fire-red, short hair and Amber eyes, a distinct feature of many members of his family. He has a dueling scar on his left cheek. Aside from that, a mundane human.


Cedric came to Westwend with his superior, Sir Alberon of Vesira, as a squire to the said knight. Sire Alberon was chivalrous, charitable and noble in every sense of the term. A hero to both the common folk and to the nobility of his homeland. He now lies dead somewhere within Lost Reaches, killed in an ambush. As his last action, he ordered Cedric to retreat, assuring him that he will follow him soon enough. Cedric has made his way to the town, but his superior never returned. The squire has vowed vengeance upon these cowards, but understands that he can not fulfill it alone. Westwend did have a reputation for hirelings…perhaps here lies his answer.

Cedric Ral

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