V (Vadania?)


As far as we know, we have not yet encountered V
judging from what we know, his name might be Vadania.

V left some notes in a hidden structure under the “White hill with the blue tree” in the Goblin Woods.
Together with T, M and L, V had a treasure in a cave system in the goblin woods.

Mentioned in:
Treasure in Goblin Woods 1 Writings on stone: Excev = danger. V. stoneshape. Structure = weakened. T. use weight. – M.
Added next to it: [Dwarvish explative] Vadania.

More writings in stone: Dear M. This place has been cleared. Strongbox is secure. Entrance is operational. V. will reset it. – T.

Letter in Elvish.
Dear M. & V., T. stole 52 gold when “inspecting” the hiding place. I apologize for the business with the portculis but I’ll be damned if T. steals anymore from us. We worked too hard for this just to have the fat one waste it all on drink. The mechanism is completely reversable bytheby. – L.

Underneath, in different handwriting: Dear L, mechanism is working effectively. M. made you a few potions. Happy hunting. – V.


T, M and L

Writes Dwarfish,

V (Vadania?)

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