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Eulogies – Wall of Lost Heroes in The Humble Troubadour

Region Information

Goblin Woods
About a days travel from Westwend, southwards. The way there is calm, lots of farmlands and ruined farmsteads. Not that hard to find food on the way. The woods themselves are easy enough, with some hills further south. Food a little harder to find here. We saw a boar. 
Enemies: goblins as expected. Also, weird snake, reptilian-like people. One with a flaming back. Strange. Dead now though.

Dungeon beneath White Hill
Enemies: The dungeon beneath White Hill contains many dangerous undead. They should be avoided.

The Ruined Tower Route
About a day travel from Westwend, northeast. The way there is calm, filled with the usual grasslands and farms. Food is easy to find on this route. Ravens have been spotted. Four dead male humans were found on the route. There were three plundered burlack sacks found. One contained an amount of snakes. Cause of dead was a sneak attack. The victims wore regular clothes. Only an empty scabbard was found. Humanoid tracks were present back-and-forth for 50 ft. to the north. After that the ground becomes to hard to leave clear footprints. The Ruined Tower itself is situated on a sparse-wood hill. It is ill-advised to set camp in this area as your location will be revealed immediately. Followers of Orcus currently wander in the vicinity of the watchtower.
Enemies: Snakes, Black-bird People, Humanoids.  

Lake of Liquid Ice
An hour west of the Goblins Woods lies the shallow Lake of Liquid Ice. The lake´s water can be waded on foot, and there are several small islands. Foraging is rather easy, as is travel. 
Enemies: Wolves, Rats (Giant), Imps(?), Orcs, Half-Ogre.


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