Treasure in Goblin Woods 1

Written by Nidhwen

Adventurers: Fal Enahn, Saber Lyons, Maim, Dhuno Khunpirr, Nidhwen, Ulbrân

Exploring the Goblin Forest. During the day we tracked some goblins who were apparently looking for something. Some partymembers decided to attack them, and all of the goblins were killed, one by losing his lower jaw. We continued, and after some traveling it was getting dark. On a hill was a clearance, an oak and an ash tree in a field of irises. After some digging, the party found a small box with a letter in it.

"Ruins discovered below. Strongbox moved. Night's light reveals. Tordak, let the moonlight reach the rock."

While waiting for the moonlight to lead us to the location, the party beat 2 lizard-men and a giant burning snake.

At the edge of the hill, 40ft down, the party started digging up a rock which seemed to reflect the moonlight.

Found writings on stone: Excev = danger. V. stoneshape. Structure = weakened. T. use weight. – M.
Added next to it:  [Dwarvish explative] Vadania.

We broke through the stone roof, and came into an underground space. On a wall we found the following carvings:

Dear M. This place has been cleared. Strongbox is secure. Entrance is operational. V. will reset it. – T.

At the end of a hallway, there was a (possibly trapped) stone slab with a strongbox on it. We pushed it off. Got it open, copper, silver and gold. Gemstones, 1 glass bottle, a scroll which I got.

We divided the money equally.

Parchment: seems to be a letter in Elvish.
Dear M. & V., T. stole 52 gold when "inspecting" the hiding place. I apologize for the business with the portculis but I'll be damned if T. steals anymore from us. We worked too hard for this just to have the fat one waste it all on drink. The mechanism is completely reversable bytheby. – L.

Underneath, in different handwriting: Dear L, mechanism is working effectively. M. made you a few potions. Happy hunting. – V.

We filled the box with rocks just to be sure that some kind of mechanism wouldn’t be activated: we succeeded. Underneath the hill there were 3 barred doors we didn’t explore yet. And a sideroom made of very smooth stone. Seemed breakable.

Treasure in Goblin Woods 1

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